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  •                                    LPC Associates seeking Supervision

LPC Supervision is available for LPC-Associates working towards their 3,000 hours for licensure as an LPC. Supervision is offered in both individual and group modalities. If you are interested in supervision, our first contact is usually by phone and then an interview is scheduled. As a potential LPC-A under my supervision you will be required to submit to me the following documents: resume, graduate transcripts (unofficial copy is acceptable) and a list of references. It is during this interviewing process whereby both of us set the professional tone of our supervisor-supervisee relationship. In session, we will discuss counseling techniques and application of theories. Weekly sessions are imperative and each LPC-A is expected to be in attendance. We will discuss devising effective treatment plans, reviewing case notes and documents. We will also discuss your caseload and identify alternative therapeutic interventions to better serve the population in which you serve. If you are an LPC-Associate or will soon become one and needing supervision, please do not hesitate on contacting me at 832.235.4944.

What Can I offer you:

Our relationship will be supportive and I will serve as a partner in your development

You will be recognized as a priortity and treated as such

I will operate from an ethical standpoint

I will provide you with answers to your questions and if I can't provide you with an answer right at the moment I will consult to ensure I am able to provide you with the answers you are in need of

I will provide you with authenticity and honesty

I will invest in your progress

I will motivate you during our partnership and thereafter

I will offer you a collaborative relationship 

I will answer calls and assure you that you are not left to figure things out on your own

I consult daily with colleagues to ensure I am abreast of evolving changes so that I am better able to serve my clients and supervisee

What I am seeking from you:

Open and willingness to learn

Behaving in ethical manner

Motivation and inspiration to change lives

Knowledge of and abiding by the LPC Code of ethics, which can be found at

Committment to attending supervision sessions, weekly

Obtained Counseling malpractice insurance

LPC Supervision FEES:

Individual Supervision                   $125 (In person or Virtual)

Group Supervision                        $105 (In person or Virtual)

 *Group Supervision is dependent on availability and scheduling


* Prices are contingent upon payment made on weekly basis.

 If fees are paid up front for the entire month, one low rate of $340 is due at the first session of the month.

All weekly payments are due before the start of each session. 

Supervision is   subject to the rules and regulations of BHEC and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.

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