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About Us

Dr. Angie J. Smith, LPC-S, LMFT, CTMH, NCC, CART is the owner of MindTree Counseling and Consulting Services. Dr. Smith has 21 years experience in the field of mental health counseling. Her credentials include a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and a Master's of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Xavier University of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Doctorate of Counselor Education from Texas Southern University. She is licensed in the states of Louisiana and Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is also licensed in the state of Louisiana as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Dr. Smith holds certification as a National Certified Counselor and a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist. She is also an LPC Supervisor.   

Dr. Smith has extensive experience working with children and adolescents in a variety of settings. Dr. Smith is a former Special Education teacher and has provided services to youth in community mental health settings, residential treatment centers, foster care/group homes and juvenile detention facilities. She has a diverse background as she has also provided therapy to geriatrics in nursing homes and the IDD population in a group home setting. She has also served as a program developer and grant writer, supervisor and administrator in the nonprofit sector.

Dr. Smith has research interest in adolescent/juvenile development. She has done a lot of research and has published articles related and unrelated to her research interest.

We specializes in children, adolescents and adults and provide an array of services:

  • In Office/Home Based Services

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

Premarital Therapy

Group Therapy

  • Specialized Home Based Therapy Services

Non-traditional Family Preservation:

Reunification is the goal of this 4-6 week


Traditional Family Preservation:

Maintenance of a child in his/her home in this 6 to 8 week program where the therapist will make 3-4 home vists per week.

  •  Community Based Services

Domestic Violence Groups

Parenting Support Group

Foster Parent Support Group

12 Week Anger Management Group

(for Men and Women)

Crisis Intervention Group

Supervised Visitation Services

Women Issues

Training Seminars


We offer 3 types of Assessments: Behavioral assessments, Personality Assessments (children, adolescents and adults) and Marital assessments.


The BASC-3 BESS (The BASC–3 Behavioral and Emotional Screening System (BESS) can be used in school or clinical settings to provide a snapshot of behavioral and emotional functioning, identify behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses in children and adolescents in preschool through high school children and adolescents aged 3 to 18 years who can benefit from additional support.

16PF(Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire Fifth Edition Fifth Edition)--16 and older

This test is used to measure normal range of anxiety, adjustment and behavioral problems. This could also be used to help identify personality factors that may predict marital compatibility and satisfaction.

MIPS (Millon Index of Personality Styles Revised)-18 and older

This test helps assess normally functioning adults who maybe experiencing difficulties at work, with family, or social relationships. It also helps with premarital and marriage counseling, individual counseling as well as employee assistance programs.


Smith, A.J. (2017). An Examination of the impact of Demographic and Correctional institutional factors on the Psychosocial behaviors of Young Adults with Incarcerated Parents. Proquest Dissertation and Theses

Smith, A.J. (2014). PTSD in children and adolescents: The aftermath of parental incarceration among children and adolescents within the African-American community. ERIC ED557787

West-Olatunji, C.A., Frazier, K.N., Guy, T.G., Smith, A.J., Clay, L. Breaux, W. (2007). The Use of the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model to Understand a Vietnamese American: A Research Case Study (2007). Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 35, 40-50.

Serving all of Harris County, Fort Bend County and surrounding Counties.

Address: 1846 Snake River Road, Suite B

                 Katy, Texas 77449


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7:30PM

Sat: 9AM - 1PM

Sun: Closed

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